Buy the Gravity Chock at your local welding supply store including Praxair, Airgas & Matheson.

The Ultimate Radius Gauge

3 sizes of adjustable radius gauges with capacity  of  4" to 48".

Rugged, design for long life, 30 second adjustment!

​Ultimate radius gauge, the only one of it's kind!

Safely transport multi-items     in the bed of  your truck!


Safety Product - Elite Gravity Chock secures cylinders, pipe, propane tanks, gas tanks, lawn mowers, etc. in the bed of your truck.

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Safely Transport Cylinders


One cylinder or several - simply load tight

against the wheel well and farthest cylinder

from the wheel well lays on the gravity chock. 

Tombstone Jack

The Tombstone Jack

This innovative Elite monument jack system provides up to  10,000 pounds of pure  force clamping  to enable you to safely "clamp -N- Lift" a monument up to 2,000 Lbs.  it's all about Versatility,  Safety, Capacity and Confidence!