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Tombstone Jack

​The Tombstone Jack is one of our signature products. 

Consider this one thought: We have customers that have leveled 16 monuments in one day... the Return on your Investment can be in a week!  Do you want a business, career or hobby that can produce results, look no further than Tombstone Jack!

​Please watch the below videos and then give us a call to discuss the details! 660-605-0259

14 year old Emily lifts a 9,600 Lbs. Monument

                                                                                                         ~ December 2014

Set the Ultimate Radius Gauge

 "10,000 lbs. of pure Brute Force"

Elite Jacked ClampTM watch video

 The  Brute Strength replacement for: C clamps, Bar clamps,  J Clamps, and sliding adjustable clamps for assembly and Fabrication.

 Elite Gravity Chock, Inventor Testimonial       

 By John I. Andersen 

 "I was born in 1938, and have been involved in fabrication, manufacturing, portable welding and vacationing all of my life.  I have fought with pipe, gas cylinders, propane tanks and various equipment  in the bed of my pick-up trucks, for years.


The "Gravity Chock" has NEVER FAILED ME,  even on trips of hundreds of miles on rough roads.  


Our Latest Ultimate Radius Gauge TM Videos- See it in ACTION...


3-Sizes of Adjustable radius gauges with capacities  from 4" to 48" Radii,  designed & manufactured to provide  precise results.

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