We are interested in your needs.

We design and develop products that can help your business run safer, smarter, and smoother. 

Contact us and let us know your needs.  Our focus is:

1) Produce tools that provide safety first, with enhanced productivity.

2) To increase your capacity and confidence.

3) To assist customers in building long term profits,  when developing new innovations or updating existing products.

We deliver craftsmanship daily!

Today I will be the Master of two whole nations... Imagination & Determination

​                                                                                                                 ~Michael John Andersen


Our corporate office in Missouri is where all the action takes place from concept, design and finished product. It's where you can mail, meet, or call us with anything regarding our products or your contract manufacturing needs.


 We work with the best people to ensure customer satisfaction,  earning trust with quality products, and building life-long business relationships. Our Sales  Department is just a phone call or email away.


If your request involves checking our facilities, we'll be glad to facilitate . Just give us a call.


Our home base

We're Americans and we love America, so it only makes sense for us to keep our manufacturing under our own roof, in America!





EPS Elite Products and Services, LLC

709 W Ogden St.

Gallatin, MO  64640

Manufacturing: 660-605-0259