We're Building More Products, For More People, More Often!


This is what we do best.  Elite Products and Services, LLC (EPS)  and oner Mike Andersen has been manufacturing  industrial products since 1980 and still going strong. Custom metal fabrication.



Quality,  Dedication, Perseverance, Integrity.

​Excellence is never an accident;  it is the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction,  skillful execution and the vision to see obstacles as opportunities.   Anomynous

Manufacturing Technology


              Our ever evolving mission


  1. ​To Develop and manufacture niche products.
  2. ​To Build on our history of product excellence and technology innovation.
  3. ​To Keep safety first for our employees & customers.
  4. ​To build better, stronger, faster and safer products for the industries we serve.
  5. ​To Provide quality service for customer satisfaction.
  6. ​To Ensure a terrific ROI for our customers.

I am the master of two whole nations:

Imagination & Determination.

​Sylvan E. Andersen - Mike Andersen's Grandfather

Show me your cemetery and I will tell you what kind of people you have.

​Benjamin Franklin


Research and  Development

​EPS Manufacturing  moves forward continuously through  research and development.   ​There exists limitless opportunities in every industry. Where there are open minds, there will always be a frontier.  Charles F. Kettering



When you choose an industrial solution, you also need to have the skilled people to keep the wheels greased.


EPS Manufacturing Elite Products and Services, LLC has you covered.   Building customer relationships and quality service is our primary focus.

Well done is better than well said.  Benjamin Franklin.



Precision Technology

​The best way to predict the future is to invent it.    Alan Kay

EPS Manufacturing

We are a company founded on strong traditional values of work smart, utilize technology, build it right the first time and if you fail, get it right the next time.  We can  do hard things, and we do all the time.

Founder Mike Andersen was taught somewhat in all the learning of his father and his mother, plus along life's journey there have been many wonderful people that have taught correct principles and helped to be a guide in his life; to which he says to one and all, Thank you for loving me and helping me to learn and  become the man I am today!

The people that work at EPS are amazing dreamers, full of diligence, honesty and integrity. We choose to work with customers that uphold these values!

quotes to live by


We handle every level of Manufacturing, from the idea to a finished product.  Our team of experienced professionals can take any problem and create the solution.

 When you've been in business as long as we have and faced technology's increasingly rapid developments, you learn a few things. Or, in our case, more than a few. We not only have simple, ready-to-implement solutions for almost every problem, we have the patents for them, too. And, if you bring us something new, we would love to work with you to find the solution.

mike andersen - president - OWNER - INVENTOR

EPS Elite Products and Services LLC

"I have literally lived my  life in manufacturing.  Right after I was born, my father would take me with him on business trips around the country. As I grew older we would discuss details of our business in the shop, office and many trips.  We developed a plan of action and goals and then we implemented them. 

As my grandfather said: I am the master of two nations, Imagination & Determination. this thought has been a ruling effect all of my life!

EPS Manufacturing is all about building and keeping relationships. 

Designing a product is designing a relationship.  Steve Rogers

Design is intillegence made visable.  Alina Wheeler


Design is a funny word.  Some people think design is how it looks.  But of course, if you dig deeper, it's really how it works.  Steve Jobs